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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Brave New Workshop,, Chris Kluwe, Courage Center, Dr. Ann Parr, minnesota vikings, SCI CURE, Senator Jeff Hayden, Trading North | 0 comments


Hello all,
Here’s a link I want you to click on while you’re reading this post….I’ve got lots of messages out to lots of people, and sometimes I get tired of waiting. But then it makes me think of all the folks I know in chairs who are so very tired of being in them. Well I believe we can do something right now. If you have a spinal cord injury, know someone with a spinal cord injury, let them know that we need to speak up right now. We can raise a collective voice to Minnesota that we need to find a cure for paralysis now, because we’re so tired of waiting.
I had a great opportunity thanks to Twyla and the folks at the SCI Peer group at the Courage Center last night to talk about the legislation, research and the challenge to motivate our SCI community to speak up for itself. I had a great time and had the chance to invite a few more folks to join the cause. Here are your opportunities to speak up:
1. There will be a press conference at the Capitol in the second week of January (I’m waiting….for the exact time and date) I will let you know as soon as I know, so that you can join the throngs supporting the need for advancing the research for a cure.
2. Also, got some good news…the Brave New Workshop has agreed to hold the screening for the Kluwe film, but haven’t settled on a date yet. I’m waiting to hear from some of the players. The screening will be accompanied by presentations from Sen. Hayden, Dr. Parr and myself…if the Vikings make the post season, I think I can get Kluwe there. If not maybe a live Skype.
3. The petition just crossed 600 signatures (9 more since I started writing this!). Keep sharing so we can break through that inertia and start creeping towards some critical mass. Email it, like it, share it, tweet it, and yes even talk about it.  
4. Stay tuned to my posts for some template letters to your legislator. You’ll be able to copy from the blog and send off in emails or snail mail, and I’ll put a link up so you can find your legislator as well as list the committee members that will be entertaining the Bill.

Thanks for your support… Oh in case you didn’t know Gabe’s band Treading North has another gig coming up at the Fine Line on Tuesday the 11th. Come see one of the best up’n coming bands in the Cities

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