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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Chris Kluwe, Emmet Burns, SCI CURE, Triathlon | 0 comments

Triathlon, check…what’s next

Thanks to all for your support and encouragement in our Triathlon. Here’s a video I posted a little while ago to give you a little flavor of that cold, cloudy morning. I still get a little chill thinking about it.
Now on to the next crazy venture…making a movie. The film shoot with Chris Kluwe is set for October 9th, and its gonna be kind of a whirlwind day. We’ll have a lot of stops to make and set up to film…I’m hoping we can pull it off. I’m pretty excited about Chris’ exposure of late after his letter to Maryland legislator Emmet Burns. He’s a thoughtful guy who seems to be using his modicum of celebrity for good. I guess that’s why he said yes to me.
Lots to do, but I hope to add more ‘checks’ to the list: Movie, Screening, Bill passed, and maybe a little ways down the road, Cure.
remember to sign our petition if you haven’t, and pass it on to your friends. Here’s a recent comment from a signer:
‘I am a Ph.D. neuroscientist trained who completed my graduate studies at the University of Minnesota. I have worked with neural stem cells developing regenerative therapeutics for brain disease and understand the potential for developing curative therapies for spinal cord injury with the support of proper funding sources.’ Amen

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