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Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Blog, SCI CURE | 0 comments

Times are Changin

Hello all,

I’m sending out a little note to all of you, both to thank you for your ongoing support and to remind you that things are changing in the field of research to cure paralysis. When my son was injured over 7 years ago, there wasn’t a clinical trial for SCI using neuronal stem cells at the University of MN, but there is today. There wasn’t an epidural stimulation trial at the Mayo, but there will be in a matter of months. There wasn’t a $1 million research grant program in MN, but there is today.

The changes are coming, in part due to the commitments of people leveraging whatever they can to influence their communities, the science, the research economy and their elected officials. The cures aren’t here yet, but they are coming. Science moves slowly and is a painstaking process of trial and error, curiosity and exploration, review and replication.

And while its inching its way towards innovation it will continue to need us to push and prod, and remind the science who and what its seeking to benefit. Well, as you know there’s a small group of very committed activists here in MN who Get Up Speak Up so that we can Get Up Stay Up. Today you can help support our work by donating to GUSU through give to the Max.

please click on the link and help us to continue our work



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