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Posted by on Apr 4, 2013 in Blog, Gabe Rodreick, Jack Jablonski, SCI CURE, SCI Research Fund Bill | 1 comment

“This Bill’s Time Has Come”

Hello all,

It was a very encouraging hearing today…first off, THANK YOU! Senator Hayden introduced the Bill by saying; ‘you may have heard of this Bill’…to which Senator Franzen replied, ‘yes, my inbox is full of messages showing support for this Bill’. Yes, they’ve heard about the Bill, thanks to all of you.

You pushed us out of the snow bank today…Thank You! (and thanks to Michele, Erin, Jerry, Carolyn, Lcie, Heidi, Kristin, LuAnn, Gabe and Jeff from the Brain Injury Alliance for showing up to the hearing)

Here’s how it went: Rob Wudlick (C4) testified with some statistics on the science and some of its inherent costs. Dr. Low (researcher from the U of M) testified on the TBI statistics and a big picture status of the research. I testified with some visual aides (graphs) highlighting the potential savings from a deliverable curative therapy. All of the testimony was well received with a few challenges and questions. The highlight of the morning, beside the unanimous vote to move forward, was some glowing commentary and support voiced by Republican Senator Kiffmeyer. She spoke for a few minutes about her support, and for all of the very kind and insightful things she said, the one that was most encouraging was: ‘This Bill’s time has come’.

Surely it has! And a lot of that is due to your continuing support. We’re not done yet. We have one more finance hearing (likely next week) in the House, and then if successful our Bill goes to conference committee for inclusion in the health and human services budget. Its gonna be a challenge, cause the numbers haven’t changed.

Hopefully you’ll be ready to feel good again next week, when we’ll need another push out of the snow. For today, feel very good that our wheels are moving.



oh and a little bonus: for the second time, no one was there to testify against!

1 Comment

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