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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Chris Kluwe, Courage Center, gillette childrens, Handi-Medical, Imed Mobility, MN North Stars, SCI CURE | 0 comments

The Run and Gun is Done

Hello all,
Wow, what a day. We’re done. Chris is sore, and was really ready to get out of that chair by the time we pulled into his driveway. He went the distance, and he’s really a great human being.
It was run and gun all day long. Thanks to Rosie Waltz, Nick Theiss, Nick Meza, Jane Balter, Aaron Reed, my boy Tom Novak, Nick Gordon, all for which I certainly would’ve had a nervous breakdown if they weren’t there, Treading North (Gabe’s band), all the folks at the Courage Center, Dr. Gormley and the folks at Gillette, Paula Braaten and the MN North Stars quad rugby team, Imed Mobility, Handi Medical, and of course Chris Kluwe for giving us a day on film.
Now, the other 9/10ths of the work begins. I’ll be submerged in a sea of video and audio for the next however long it takes.
Now I’m gonna eat something and hit my pillow hard.
Thanks for your support

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