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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Chris Kluwe, Cinequipt, City Pages, SCI CURE | 0 comments

The day approaches

Hello all,
     Its been an up and down week with regard to my stress level. My plea for help got us a couple of extra hands, and some with experience in film production. A trip to Cinequipt landed me in the hands of knowledgeable, empathic and all around nice guy named Chris Beales. He helped with a few nagging questions about setting up certain aspects of the shoot as well as the best way to handle some of the gear conundrums. Then later that night, a friend handed me his entire film gear package that supplied much more than we had originally talked about. And the quality of the gear, as I’m learning is far superior to what I was planning on working with. Fantastically generous! And I get it with a few days to familiarize myself unlike the gear I’ll be getting on Monday. Big relief.
     Kluwe told me today that he’ll have a City Pages reporter following him for some of the shoot as part of a larger story they’re doing on him, and asked if I would be okay with that. Well Yes! This is another potential boon. My hope would be that they weave a little bit of our story and efforts into Chris’ story. Maybe I can even swing a story later on to cover our legislative effort, if I look pretty and talk nice.
Got lots to do, but things are looking good. Now I just really hope they look good on film!

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