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Posted by on Apr 9, 2013 in Blog, Gabe Rodreick, Jack Jablonski, SCI CURE, SCI Research Fund Bill | 0 comments

No more snow banks but there’s yard work to do

Hello all,

Well the snow is gone (mostly…and for now) but the yard needs some work. But at the moment the gate to the yard is locked. Okay, before I go too far with the metaphor….here’s the deal. We have one more committee to go in the House, before we can be considered for inclusion into the omnibus budget, but the finance deadline is approaching and Rep. Huntley (chair of the House Health finance committee) hasn’t scheduled a hearing for our Bill. So we need your help again, and yes another opportunity for you to feel good.

Please take a couple of minutes to copy the message below and send it using the link below that. He must know that we need a chance to be heard….he needs to unlock the gate so we can get to work. Thanks so much for your continuing support!


Rep. Huntley,

Please schedule a hearing for HF 262 the Jablonski Rodreick SCI TBI Research Grant Program. We very much want the opportunity to offer our case for the importance, merit and benefits of this Bill for both those living with the effects of these injuries as well as the citizens of Minnesota.

 I cannot place a price on the possibility of providing a curative therapy for someone who cannot breathe on their own, use their hands or escape the confines of a wheelchair as a result of the devastating consequences of spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury, but know that you must. So please consider the many hundreds of millions of dollars spent every year in our state to care for those with these injuries. This modest investment will help to bring our researchers the necessary funds to provide a treatment here to Minnesota, that even by modest measures would save hundreds of millions each year, and immensely improve the quality of life for our citizens with a disability.



Send to:

Rep. Tom Huntley

585 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155


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