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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Cabooze, Chris Kluwe, karl kassulke, Kickstarter, SCI CURE, Trading North | 0 comments

My ‘kitchen’ is a mess but it smells good

Hello all,
I’ve got lots of pots cooking on the stove. Some of them have had to go in the fridge for a few days cause I can’t keep track of what’s boiling and what’s spoiling. To add insult to the stew, I was sick for a few days, which slowed me down a bit. My ‘kitchen’ is a mess but it smells good.
The film (actually video, but I like saying film) is starting to take shape. I’ve settled into a work flow and am making progress as I follow the footage. I’ve told a few folks that I’ve recognized that I edit film like I write…edit as I go. The problem is that with film there are so many variables (audio, clip splicing/tweaking/adjustments to light, color etc, flow and more) that its easy to get bogged down on a 20 second shot or sequence. So I’ve been disciplined lately. I’m focused on getting the rough story down. Then I can go back and edit to my eyes delight.
Its starting to take shape as I settle in. The new problem (being new to this) is that I’m starting to see the places where I need to film more. I need a couple more interviews, some extra shots to identify places (though we got most of them). And, especially the need for some music. So, today I spent more time than I wanted on starting the process of getting licensing rights to use some recorded music. I’ve got a couple of tunes that will be perfect for some sequences, but need to get permission to use them, so you can hear them supporting so beautifully what you’ll see.
I’m also still trying to lock down a screening venue, and am trying not to badger anybody. I’m hoping to hear soon so I can relax a little bit about how and when this thing can be seen. I’ve also got some messages out to the Viking’s organization asking for their support on the legislation. I’ll be calling in a couple of days to feel out their interest. And the Reeve foundation has offered their ‘support’, and I sent out a message recently to discern what form that support might take (with some suggestions). AND, one more thing….well there are more, but I can’t just keep saying and, and, and. I’m gonna jump into Kickstarter, the social media funding platform for creative projects like mine…so stay tuned so you can pass it along to all of your friends.
OK, one last thing. I stood outside the gym tonight while Gabe’s band was rehearsing a new tune they’ll be debuting Thursday night at the Cabooze. Its a tune that Gabe wrote over the last few weeks called, Temptation. It was a wonderful couple of minutes I spent standing outside in the cold,so as not to disturb. Its a really nice tune, and the band played the shit out of it. And this world could use a little less shit mucking things up. Rave on!

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