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Posted by on Feb 21, 2013 in Blog, Gabe Rodreick, Jack Jablonski, SCI CURE, SCI Research Fund Bill, Senator Jeff Hayden | 0 comments

Legislators Du Jour

Hello all,

I told you I would send the names and contact info for the upcoming Committees. Neither committee has scheduled a hearing for the Bill, so that gives us some time to get our message out to them.Pleas take a few minutes to send a message…IT MATTERS and IT MATTERS NOW!

The simplest easiest way to do that is to write an email saying: I support the Jablonski / Rodreick Research Grant Bill.

If you want to write more, here are some suggestions:

  • Tell your story. Tell how a TBI or SCI affected you, a family member or friend.
  • You can also suggest that investing in CURES is good health care policy.
  • Let’s help MN retain its reputation for medical innovation
  • Investing in a CURE for these injuries could make an enormous impact on reducing healthcare costs in MN

Here are the names and emails of the House of Representatives Health and Human Services Policy Committee. Below them are the members of the Senate Health and Human Services Finance Committee, with suggestions for messages to them.

Committee Chair

Tina Liebling (DFL) 651-296-0573


Vice Chair

Rena Moran (DFL) 651-296-5158


Republican Lead

Tara Mack (R) 651-296-5506


Jim Abeler (R) 651-296-1729


Tony Albright (R) 651-296-5185


Susan Allen (DFL) 651-296-7152


John Benson (DFL) 651-296-9934


Mary Franson (R) 651-296-3201


Patti Fritz (DFL) 651-296-8237



Glenn Gruenhagen (R) 651-296-4229


Thomas Huntley (DFL) 651-296-2228


Clark Johnson (DFL) 651-296-8634


Diane Loeffler (DFL) 651-296-4219


Kathy Lohmer (R) 651-296-4244


Will Morgan (DFL) 651-296-5387


Joe Mullery (DFL) 651-296-4262


Dan Schoen (DFL) 651-296-4342


Joe Schomacker (R) 651-296-5505


JoAnn Ward (DFL) 651-296-7807


Nick Zerwas (R) 651-296-4237



Senate Health and Human Services Finance Division. This is going to be the high hurdle committee, because its the money that will be debated here. You can write the same statements as above, but again if you want to write more:

  • Talk about the Return on Investment. SCI costs millions for the lifetime care of an individual, and any functional improvement from the research would significantly reduce those costs.
  • Other states have seen a direct correlation between state funds and moves to clinical trial: California, New Jersey, New York, Florida.
  • State funds significantly increase the likelihood of research being approved for federal NIH grants



Tony Lourey (11, DFL) 651-296-0293


Vice Chair

Melisa Franzen (49, DFL) 651-296-6238


Ranking Minority Member

Julie A. Rosen (23, R) 651-296-5713


Michelle R. Benson (31, R) 651-296-3219


David M. Brown (15, R) 651-296-8075


Jim Carlson (51, DFL) 651-297-8073


Greg D. Clausen (57, DFL) 651-296-4120


Kent Eken (04, DFL) 651-296-3205


Jeff Hayden (62, DFL) 651-296-4261


Mary Kiffmeyer (30, R) 651-296-5655


Kathy Sheran (19, DFL) 651-296-6153


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