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Posted by on Apr 13, 2013 in Blog, Chris Kluwe, Gabe Rodreick, Jack Jablonski, SCI CURE, SCI Research Fund Bill | 0 comments

Kluwe Movie

Hello all,

As you may or may not remember, we made a film with Chris Kluwe last fall. The Viking punter spent a day in a wheelchair for us and we screened it in Jan. as a kind of kick off to our legislative push. I had intended to re-shoot (actually did re-shoot a few things) and edit in a few things to improve the film. Well, the legislation took over my time and I never quite got there. So now I’m posting it in the hopes of getting a little bit more attention to our final push. For those who haven’t seen it, I hope you enjoy it and will share it to all of your friends….its not really viral material, but you can make it so in your circle of influence. Kluwe Movie

there are links in the description for emailing Sen. Hayden and Sen. Lourey (Chair of the Finance committee) who are as we speak whittling down the HHS Budget for this session. I so want to say that we’re punting to pun on Kluwe’s involvement, but I think its more akin to a fake punt in the 4th quarter to win the game. Let’s hope Kluwe can throw and you can catch!

stay tuned


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