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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Chris Kluwe, Handi-Medical, SCI CURE | 0 comments

I was fitted for a wheelchair today

Hello all,
     I went to Handi Medical today to get fitted for a wheelchair. Well, actually I was acting as a surrogate for Chris Kluwe, cause we’re pretty close in size and weight (he’s got an inch on me). It makes me kind of wonder if I didn’t miss my calling…maybe I could’ve been a punter. My fantasy aside, Handi is graciously donating the use of one of their chairs for the film, so today I went to make sure that the chair size was appropriate.
     Well here’s how it went. They rolled out a rigid (not the fold up hospital style w/c) style chair with a high back and swing away foot rests. I looked at it and thought anybody who knows spinal cord injury would know that someone leaving a hospital after months of care and recovery would not likely be going home in that chair. So, I had to be the guy who looked a gift horse in the mouth (as my Aunt Penny used to say) and ask if they had something a little closer to what someone with a SCI would be wheeling around in. Fortunately they didn’t respond like a country horse salesman might, but rather came back in about 5 minutes with the right chair.
     Then, I had to sit in it. Now I should say, I’ve sat in Gabe’s chair countless times while he was on a mat, treadmill, total gym or stander, to be next to him while working out. But this time it was really strange. This chair was being fitted for me. I didn’t think about it til a few minutes later, but I sat for about 10 seconds and then popped right out of it feeling a little uncomfortable. It was as if I unconsciously felt the chair grabbing a hold of my ass and not letting me out. It kinda jarred me a bit. I know the injury as well as anybody who doesn’t have it, but it made me wonder how Chris is gonna feel.
     I’ve been telling people this movie I intend to make isn’t about getting Chris to know what its like to be paralyzed, because that would be ridiculous. This movie is intended to use Chris’ willingness to spend a day in a chair along with his local (though lately growing beyond local) celebrity status to draw the audience’s attention to people who actually have a SCI, the issues that they face and the need for a CURE. But after those 10 weird seconds in that chair, I started to wonder if it might have more of an effect on Chris than I would’ve thought. They switched out the cushion after I told them that Chris would be sitting for about 12 hours, because they were concerned that the foam cushion might give him a sore ass after a few hours, but the gel cushion might buy him a few extra hours of comfort. Maybe it’ll be more humbling and uncomfortable in one day than I would expect given my 10 seconds of fear.
    We’ll see, and hopefully so will you.

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