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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Chris Kluwe, Dr. Ann Parr, SCI CURE, Senator Jeff Hayden, Triathlon | 0 comments

Film with Chris Kluwe and then some

Hello all,
So its 12 days to the Triathlon. I hope the lake isn’t too cold, and I swim a little stronger than I have been in the pool lately…feelin’ my age and polluted lungs. And if the weather stays cool, Gabe’ll get plenty of time out on the Greenway. Charlie is young and lithe so he’ll be good. Come out and cheer us on…meet us at Point beach on Cedar Lake at 9am (but I’ll be swimming from Hidden Beach to Point Beach). The last leg of the ‘Race’ will end with Gabe on the Greenway behind the Calhoun Village shopping mall.
I’m doing a bit of prep work for the filming day with Chris Kluwe. If you don’t know, I’ll be filming Chris spending a day in a wheelchair on Oct. 9th. We’ll be making a lot of stops throughout the day; the ABLE program at the Courage Center, our Gym (so Chris can ‘audition’ with Gabe’s band), the Capitol, Dr. Parr’s U of M research lab, dinner with some SCI friends, back to the Courage Center with the MN North Stars Quad Rugby team.
There’s a lot to square for the day. Since its a one time shot, I gotta get it right, which elevates the stress level a little bit. Of course, I’m pleased that Chris has gotten a bit of notoriety for throwing his support behind our gay friends and family both because he’s a good guy as well as adding some name recognition to our effort.
The film is an effort to draw attention to our CURE efforts here in Minnesota. I am planning on screening the film later in the year around the time that the Bill to fund SCI Research will be heard. My hope is that the petition that we’ve been running along with the attention we can generate from the film will put enough pressure on legislators to listen.
So, keep watching for updates…if you haven’t joined the blog, please do. If you haven’t signed the petition, please do. If you haven’t shared the petition, please do. We really need your help to get closer to funding a CURE for SCI. If you want a little more detail, it might help to watch these 2 videos (interview with Sen. Hayden about the Bill and interview with Dr. Ann Parr about her research)
thanks for your support

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