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Posted by on Mar 13, 2014 in Blog, SCI Research Fund Bill | 1 comment

Clouds Parted Again

Hello all,

Had another great day at the Capitol and so have a couple of new names for you to Thank and Ask. If you haven’t sent messages from the previous message PLEASE do…we are entering the final push for this shortened legislative session, so it really matters!

Sen. John Hoffman has offered to carry our Bill to the Senate Leader Sen. Tom Bakk to include it in the Budget. This is great news, but we need your help to add some attention. So please:

Say Thank you to Sen. Hoffman for championing our cause. 651-296-4154

Just copy and paste this for:

Sen. Hoffman, Thank you for talking to Senate Leadership about our SCI TBI Research Grant Bill. I appreciate your help in passing this important Bill

And Ask Sen. Bakk to help us pass this important Bill Senate File #111. Unfortunately you’ll have to fill out his email contact form or call 651-296-8881 and for Sen. Bakk:

Please help to pass Senate File #111 the SCI TBI Research Grant Program. We need your help to move the research that will and is helping to provide curative therapies for people living with spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

And to you…Thank You Thank You


1 Comment

  1. This important bill must be passed!

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