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Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Blog, GUSU, SCI CURE, SCI Research Fund Bill, TBI Research Fund Bill | 0 comments

Capitol Rally

Hello all,

We are going to rally at the Capitol on Monday morning 10am on the second floor of the State Capitol outside the House Chambers. Please come and join us if you can…we want to show legislators that there are many folks who wish to see an investment made towards the functional cures for SCI and TBI…and together we can raise a loud voice of support. Check out our GUSU2Cure Paralysis page on Facebook and join the event.

So, here’s a brief summary. The Higher Education Conference Committee was held earlier this week. It was essentially a formal reading of the 2 Bills (Senate version and House version) and where the language is different and how the budgets are different. No decisions or even any relevant discussion could happen because the joint budget targets have not been released by the Party Leadership in both bodies.

The timing of our rally is an attempt to coincide with the expected release of those budget targets on Monday. We hope to make ourselves heard by legislators and also hope to draw some media attention to our cause.

We did get a couple of words of encouragement from Sen. Terri Bonoff as well as Rep. Bud Nornes…please send them an email or phone call thanking them for their continued support,  Bonoff: 651-296-4314 and Nornes: 651-296-4946

If you have not sent messages to the rest of the Conference Committee members please do so, their contact info is in the previous post.

Hope to see many of you on Monday morning

Thanks for hanging with us


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